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The Japanese Psychological Association

Now accepting online submissions!

Online paper submission for the Japanese Psychological Research (JPR) is now available!

You are invited to submit your paper using either of the following websites:
English: https://jpa.bunken.org/jpa/user_logins/en/
Japanese: https://jpa.bunken.org/jpa/user_logins/jp/

We recommend that authors refer to the following when writing a paper for Japanese Psychological Research.

If you have any questions about online submission, please email a message to: jpa@psych.or.jp
For more information on Japanese Psychological Research, please visit http://www.wileyonlinelibrary.com/journal/jpr.

Revisions to Publications of the Japanese Psychological Association

After a long period of consideration, the Editorial Board of the Japanese Psychological Association (JPA) has decided to revise the categories of manuscripts to be accepted for publication.

Changes to Japanese Psychological Research consist of eliminating the Short Report, and adding the categories of Original Article and Review.

Original Article: In principle, research reports that present research problems, and results based on experiments, surveys, or case studies, and theoretical discussions, and clear conclusions (12 page limit).*

Review: Reports that focus on recent major themes in psychology, explain primary research findings and problems and discuss the significance of current and future studies. Includes Invited Review, which are requested by the Editorial Board (24 page limit).*

25 March 2011
Yuji Hakoda
Chief Editor, JPA Editorial Board

* Refer to JPR journal articles to see the JPR publication format.

All manuscripts submitted on and after April 1, 2011 should fall under these new categories. Please direct any questions to the JPA Editorial Office.