Management and Organization


  • We are governed by our articles of incorporation, byelaws, and regulations.
  • JPA members may participate in the management of the association by electing representatives from among their peers.
  • At an annual general meeting, we decide upon our business plans, budget, business report, settlement of accounts, and other items raised by the board.
  • Items are executed by the board, which also discusses pending issues with the JPA’s respective committees.


The JPA is managed by 20 board members, including 7 directors and the representative director, and 2 auditors. Standing committees are: the academic journal editorial committee, certification committee, outstanding research paper selection committee, ethics committee, international committee, Psychology World editorial committee, public relations committee, international prize selection committee, and education and research committee. Other special committees may be established as necessary.

The JPA’s head office is run by an office director and employees who undertake membership, editorial, certification, accounting, and other regular JPA matters in addition to managing the JPA’s various committees in consultation with the board.

Board Members and Representatives

Board members are elected from among JPA member representatives who are elected by their peers every two years.