Membership applications should be sent to the JPA for screening and consideration by the board. You will be notified of the screening results.

  • Admission fee: 5,000 yen
  • Annual dues: 11,000 yen; 7,500 yen for members in their 1st or 2nd years after completing undergraduate work and for members currently enrolled in graduate school.

Membership Screening Rules

  1. Membership applications shall be screened pursuant to Article 10 of the Articles of Incorporation, according to the rules set forth below.
  2. Members of the JPA must be recommended by a current member, approved by the JPA board, and meet at least one of the following criteria:
    Has graduated from a 4-year university with a concentration in psychology or psychology related subjects, or is a licensed certified psychologist.
    Other than (1) above, is a currently enrolled student in a psychology or psychology related graduate program, or is a graduate of such program.
    Has graduated from a 4-year university with a concentration in related subjects and has researched or practiced in psychology related areas for 2 or more years.
    Is a researcher in a non-psychology field who holds a Master’s degree or above or equivalent research experience, and who is currently engaged in research or practice related to psychology.
    Individuals in categories (3) or (4) above should submit research articles or papers with their application. (Include postage if you wish us to return any materials to you.)

Membership Benefits

  • Free subscriptions to the JPA’s three journals and the JPA member directory
  • Submissions accepted to The Japanese Journal of Psychology and Japanese Psychological Research
  • Member’s rate for participation in the annual JPA convention