Greetings from the President

Takao Sato

Toshikazu Hasegawa

 The Japanese Psychological Association (JPA) was founded in 1927 and is the oldest national psychological association in Japan. Today, with some 8000 members, JPA has become a site of exchange among researchers and practicing psychologists. Each year JPA hosts an annual conference with around 3000 attendees and publishes the Japanese-language periodical called Japanese Journal of Psychology and English-language periodical called Japanese Psychological Research.
 Various "kokoro (heart and mind)"-related issues have grown increasingly important in modern society and a vast number of which are issues that involve psychologists. These include the improvement of mental health; policies and recommendations for issues like suicide, bullying, and refusal to attend school; building appropriate parent-child and other family relationships; psychological security and soundness; cross-cultural understanding, among others. Indeed, JPA members confront these issues directly on a daily basis and have achieved much result. Through our website and public symposiums, JPA shares psychological research findings and clinical practices with society at large.
 Psychology, as a field of study, is likewise very important. The challenge of scientific inquiry based on "kokoro"-related evidence is, in a broad sense, how to answer the ultimate question, "What is it to be a human?" Among other things, psychology is the only discipline that can offer scientific and objective knowledge for the young generation of middle, high school and college students who are struggling in their search for their identities, and in their relations with society and individuals. JPA offers numerous educational programs for young people, including psychology workshops for high school students.
 In terms of global activities, JPA will host the International Congress of Psychology (ICP2016 Yokohama) in July 2016. It has been 44 years since Japan last hosted the event. Preparations are steadily underway as we ready ourselves to welcome some 6000 guests from countries around the world. Hosting such a large international conference is also an ideal opportunity to demonstrate Japanese psychology's strong presence. "Psychology in the world today" is the theme we want to communicate clearly as the host of ICP2016.
 JPA also certifies those who have graduated from university having attained a standardized level of basic knowledge and skills in the field of psychology as JPA Certified Psychologists. Our credentialing system, in place for 25 years since its creation in 1990, has certified over 46,000 individuals. To strengthen the field of psychology in Japan, we provide various continuing education programs to our Certified Psychologists.
 Through various activities such as these, JPA plays an important role in supporting psychology education and research in Japan and strengthening ties between psychology and society. We are keenly aware of our many shortcomings and welcome opinions from association members and the general public. We hope to contribute positively to the further development of psychology.