Academic Conferences

Annual Convention

We sponsor an annual academic convention that is organized by a planning committee at a different host university each year. The convention attracts about 4,000 participants and 1,200 presentations every year. Presenters must be JPA members as of the previous year and must have paid membership dues for the current year.

Future Convention

81st Annual Convention
September 20-22
Kurume University
82nd Annual Convention
September 25-27
Tohoku University

Public Symposium

Since our incorporation, we have sponsored public symposiums to promote understanding of psychology among the general public. The symposiums have been widely attended and well received.

JPA Research Awards

Every year, we award a number of outstanding research papers chosen from among those published during the previous year as original articles in JPA publications.

JPA Awards for International Contributions to Psychology

  • Award for Distinguished Research
  • Award for Distinguished Services
  • Award for Distinguished Early and Middle Career Contributions

International Exchange

International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS)

As a comprehensive national psychological association, we represent Japan as one of the 70 IUPsyS member countries.
Every 4 years, the International Congress of Psychology is held over a period of 6 days. The 31st International Congress of Psychology(ICP2016) was held from July 24 through 29, 2016, in Yokohama.